How to save money from your monthly paycheck


We live in a world where we have little time for our true passions, hobbies, and family. And, when we also have to deal with limited resources, we can barely call it a living. Unfortunately, most of us have to work for a living and, no matter how much you would love your work, often enough you end up with too many days left until the next paycheck.

Having a kid, a house mortgage, and other expenses means that you can’t afford to follow your dreams. So how exactly are you supposed to save some money? Although it may seem impossible, there are some easy tips to help you save a buck and add it to your wish jar.

Whether it’s a Eurotrip, a new car or that lavish dress you’ve been dreaming for ages, it is high time you start living your dreams and making your wishes come true. Here are some easy tips that will go a long way if you’re truly willing to save some money for your cause.


Sell your old junk

You always said that you need more space in your apartment and that you don’t want to live like your parents and grandparents, always collecting things. Now it’s about time you started collecting memories instead of things. So, the easiest way to start saving money is to actually sell everything that you no longer use.

From college books to study materials, old clothes that don’t fit anymore, shoes that you’re no longer wearing – toss them all away. Put on some free ads and start selling everything you no longer use around and inside the house, including old toys and cute gifts from your ex. Out with the old and in with the new!


Invite friends over instead of going out

Clubs and cafes may still be your weak spot during the weekends, but think about how much you are actually spending for a single night out. Add the taxi/Uber money, the drinks, and even the outfits you are buying on a regular basis.

However, don’t have to quit going out altogether as you’ll end up living with no human interactions whatsoever. But, instead of going out every week or every weekend, invite your closest friends over. This way you can all drink as much as you can without spending too much. You can even cook dinner or order in and we guarantee you’ll still be saving a lot by the end of the month.


Make a list before shopping and stick to it

There is no such thing as a rational buyer and all supermarkets and shopping malls know that. So, next time you feel like going shopping, write down a list of everything you need and stick to it no matter what. If it’s not on the list, it shouldn’t be in your cart either.

What are your top tips to save money?