Reading sunglasses – what you need to know about them

Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with a perfect vision. So we need eyeglasses that help us see the details and read a text without any effort.

Because it’s important to wear a pair that is suitable for your eyesight, you need to consult a medical expert prior to wearing eyeglasses.

If you didn’t know, reading glasses actually come in two different styles, such as full frames and half-eyes glasses. The first type feature a whole lens made in the reading prescription while the half-eyes model, also known as small ‘Ben Franklin’ style, sit a tad lower on your nose.



Full-frame reading glasses come in handy for people that need to focus on a certain object or image in order to get a close-up or those that spend a lot of time reading or working with a computer. Moreover, this model of eyeglasses ensures a larger field of view. Nevertheless, if you try to look across the room you might get a blurry vision.

On the other hand, half-eye glasses allow looking through the lenses when searching for near targets, down and up and even over them if you want to get a clear view in the distance.

Typically, individuals that have never worn eyeglasses in the past will get a pair of reading glasses at first and then, as they get used to wearing them, move on to progressive lenses and bifocals. These are recommended if you can’t see objects from a far distance or for a near correction.


Over the past years, tinted reading glasses that are outfitted with UV protection, have gained a lot of popularity because they are suitable for outdoor activities when the sun is high. The majority of people opt for bifocal sunglasses that have a nonprescription upper half useful for looking far and a reading prescription located in the lower half area that does a great job for close-ups.

There are numerous advantages if you decide to get custom-made reading glasses instead of ready-made products sold at pharmacies or other department stores. Besides the fact that you benefit from features that store-bought eyeglasses don’t have, you don’t risk causing serious and irreversible damages to your eyesight.



For instance, custom reading glasses come with an anti-reflective coating that disables any possible strain caused by the lens reflection.

Furthermore, some of this reading glasses are equipped with photochromic lenses that protect your eyes from the harm caused by UV lights or the blue light transmitted by digital devices. In return, the eyeglasses automatically darken when you go outside in the sunlight. This aspect is incredibly useful if you like to read outdoors during the day.